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Saori was born in Japan.
She passed audition for theater director Yukio Ninagawa and her career was started.

Debuted on the stage “Between 95kg and 97kg  Directed by Yukio Ninagawa in 2008.
Working with various directors, Stage Japan-Korea Joint Performance "Lear" Directed by Kim Ara.
"Cascade" Directed by Ryo Iwamatsu, "Lemming" Directed by Yukichi Matsumoto and so on.

She is trying to express across Genres and Borders.
Paint model "60's Poster Exhibition" by illustrator
Starring in the short film “Mon Mont Blue” Directed by
"JULIET" Composer  and Director Yasuhiro Kasamatsu ,She appeared in reading, music and dance works.
Through words and sounds and dance, collaborated with musician Kazuhisa Uchihashi, composer Yasuhiro Kasamatsu and cellist Yui Arai.

CM "FUJI FILM X-T1" Photographer Herbie Yamaguchi (Director Michihiko Yanai) "Kirin Beer" Series 2016-2018 (Director Yutaka Sano). MOVIE "Something Over the Wall", "Orange and Ultramarine", "Day That Named the Dog" and so on.
In 2018 She was invited as a scholarship student to the director Kim Ara actor academy and studied at Sogang University in Korea. Learn actor lessons, story
  person analysis, Philosophy and Greek mythology.

In 2019 The short film “Sound of Centro” (Director Kanji Suto)shooting in Portugal, received an honorary award in the ART & TUR FACTORY category of the Portugal International Tourism Film Festival.

In 2020,First director work "Small Ida's Flower". Reading, Music and Sand art. Second work "Our Romeo and Juliet 2020".Challenged movie photo with photographer Herbie Yamaguchi. It is important for saori, ​​to make Good work, Encounters, Humor expressions, Originality, Challenges, ways to face Society. She started New project and want to creative work across borders.

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